Primer Paint

  • Primer paint is formulated based on long oil alkyd resin and anti-corrosion materials.
  • The resulting dry film has a opaque surface, high coverage, corrosion resistance, sanding, excellent strength, good flexibility and resistance to fading.
  • Due to its high resistance to chemicals and good adhesion to various surfaces, it is mainly used as a primer in various industries.
  • This product is used as a substrate primer with stainless steel properties for metal structures.
  • Also recommended as a primer for surfaces, wood, plaster, brick, cement and concrete in urban and semi-industrial buildings.

• This product is presented in a variety of hues of Yazd color catalog in two selected and custom parts and produced and supplied in packaging; Quartz, gallon and Aleppo.

• Gloss • Surface drying • Deep drying • Grading • Viscosity (concentration) • Theoretical coverage of white • Theoretical coverage of various types of shade • Applied coverage • packing

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