Hammer paint

Yazd Rang hammer paints are designed and produced on the basis of alkyd resin. In fact, these types of paints create a coating such as hammered iron, which makes the work beautiful and creates an extraordinary sight.

  • This type of paint creates a uniform surface with patterns. One of the features of this type of paint is less accumulation of dust on the surfaces.
  • It should be noted that the choice of thinner for the solvent of this paint is very important and vital because hammer patterns will not be incomplete or formed without a proper solvent.
  • Hammer paints have decorative and industrial uses. Hammer paints are used in various industries such as painting machinery, office equipment, metal plates, doors and cabinets, home appliances, furniture and shelves, as well as in the design of interior and exterior decoration of buildings.

Features of Yazd Rang hammer paint include high adhesion and coating strength, creating a textured and embossed appearance on a variety of surfaces, reducing dust accumulation, high color diversity, high corrosion resistance.

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