About us

Yazdarang factory has produced and manufactured all kinds of construction, industrial and traffic paints from 1980. The aim of this company is to produce products with desirable quality in accordance with the requirements of the national standard and market needs, and to satisfy customers.

In 2018, it started to produce resin and after success in this sector and providing a large share of the market demand for this product. it started canning and packaging industries in 2019 and 2020 and in this part, self-sufficiency has been achieved.

The products of this company are produced by experienced specialists, experts and using high quality domestic and foreign raw materials. It should be noted that domestic materials constitute its major part of the raw materials.

Nowadays, the main goal of Yazdrang Production Factory is better production, customer satisfaction and improving its position in the domestic and foreign markets.



our objectives:

According to the production nature and activity of Yazdrang Company, its managers intend to achieve the following goals in the next 5 years:

  • Production of paint raw materials and use in their products and supply to partner products that cause domestic turnover and profitability.
  • Exporting paint and resin to all parts of the Middle East and neighboring countries and improving the national products.
  • Creating an online store site and obtaining legal representation throughout the country to distribute products as soon as possible.
  • Adding epoxy paint to the product portfolio.
  • Adding production lines and upgrading production machines in line with the main goal of the company, which is the highest level of quality in the production of products.

We wish to achieve our goals and meet the needs of customers with the help of God Almighty.



Yazd Rang factory units:

  • Production Hall
  • Resin making hall
  • Thinner hall
  • Canning hall
  • Packing hall
  • Raw material warehouse
  • Supplies and packaging Warehouse
  • Product warehouse
  • Quality control laboratory
  • Primary resin making laboratory
  • Administrative part