Alkyd polish

This is used to paint agricultural machinery, carpentry, metal, iron, light alloys, as well as to cover all wooden surfaces inside the building, furniture, cabinets, wooden doors by sprays, rollers or brushes.

  • Alkyd polishing oil is actually the same wood polishing oil that is produced based on alkyd resin. It can be used easily and it is good protection of wood. Polished oil is usually used to cover all wooden surfaces inside the building.

Alkyd paint is a suitable coating that is similar in consistency to oil paint. However, alkyd paint does not contain oil and behaves differently from oil paints in many ways. Alkyd paint is not used on walls and is usually used on metal or wood. Alkyd paint is harder than oil paint and is very suitable for surfaces that need something more durable.  An alkyd-painted wall is hard and semi-gloss.

  • Alkyd polish protects surfaces from atmospheric attack and prevents rust.
  • Alkyd polish is based on alkyd resin and solvent.
  • Yazd Rang alkyd polish is based on the latest formulation available in the dyeing industry and this product has a good drying time and shows good resistance to abrasion. Other features of this polish are excellent adhesion to surfaces and it prevents from air entering the final surface.

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