silver color

  • Yazd Rang Aluminum oil paint is designed based on alkyd resin and is an ideal product for use on a variety of metals as a corrosion protector and it improves the appearance of metal surfaces.
  • This coating paint creates aluminum particles on the surface of a dense and impermeable oxide layer when in contact with moisture, that will prevent moisture penetration and thus corrosion of surfaces.
  • Other features of Yazd Aluminum Oil Paint include good drying time, sufficient durability, heat transfer capability, good adhesion and brilliant appearance, which is widely used in coating machines, liquid transfer pipes, electric poles, facilities and external surfaces of tanks.

this type of paint has very good coating strength, no sediment, resistant to sunlight, stable and long durability, high drying speed.

Surface drying time

3 hours

Complete drying time

18 hours

Non-volatile material

At least 45% by weight


At least 20 seconds

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