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Opaque Oil Paint

  • Yazd Rang Opaque oil paints are based on alkyd resin and are suitable for the climate of Iran and neighboring countries prepared from the best raw materials in the country and imported materials.
  • Proper drying time and high coverage are the prominent features of this product.
  • This paint makes the work surface less visible due to its low gloss, so it is recommended to use it in living rooms with high light.
  • Dry film obtained from Yazd Opaque oil paint has high color strength, good flexibility and resistance to fading.
  • This product is used on all surfaces of gypsum, cement, concrete in the interior of the building and can be applied with a brush, rollers and pistol.
  • This product is packaged in the catalog of Yazd Rang Industries with two brands of Yazd Rang and Shahab Rang in the Iranian and world markets and are produced and supplied in Quartz, gallons and Aleppo

• Gloss • Surface drying • Deep drying • Grading • Viscosity (concentration) • Theoretical coverage of white • Theoretical coverage of various types of shade • Applied coverage • packing

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