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Semi-gloss oil paint

  • Semi-gloss oil paint with Yazd Rang and Shahab Rang brands in the product catalog of Yazd Rang factory is formulated as a surface paint based on long alkyd oil resin.
  • This color is suitable for the climate of Iran and neighboring countries, which is prepared from the best raw materials available in Iran and imported materials.
  • Suitable drying time, high coverage, excellent brushing, the possibility of making specialized oil putty and ability to work professionally with spray are among the features of this product.
  • Dry film made of this products, has a silky gloss, high coverage, excellent strength, good flexibility and resistance to fading
  • This product is used on all metal, gypsum, cement and concrete surfaces in construction, semi-industrial and urban decoration applications and can be applied with pens, rollers and pistols.
  • This product is presented in a different hues of colors in the catalog of Yazd Rang Industries according to two selected and customized sections and is produced and supplied in packages including quart, gallon and Aleppo.

• Gloss • Surface drying • Deep drying • grading • Viscosity (concentration) • color • Theoretical or practical coverage •packing

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