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Glossy Oil Paint

Alkyd paints are named after the resin used in them and are commonly known in the market as oil paints. This is a type of polymer coating that may be produced on the basis of a variety of single-component resins such as medium, long, modified and …, depending on the type of use

  • This type of coating is usually applicable on all metal, gypsum, cement and concrete surfaces in the interior or exterior of buildings, semi-industrial and urban decoration by brush, roller and pistol and is used for primer or final layer depending on the type of formulation.
  • glossy oil cover paint is based on alkyd resin and suitable for the climate of Iran and neighboring countries prepared from the best raw materials in Iran and imported materials.
  • The features of this product include good drying time, high coverage, high gloss and good durability against erosion and atmospheric factors.

• The dry film obtained from this type of paint has excellent gloss, high coverage, excellent strength, good flexibility and resistance to fading

• Gloss • Surface drying • Deep drying • Grading • Viscosity (concentration) • Theoretical coverage of white • Theoretical coverage of various types of shade • Applied coverage • packing

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