Semi opaque acrylic

• Water-based acrylic paints are a new generation of building paints that protect
your health and the environment due to the non-use of harmful petroleum products.
• This paint is washable, very fast drying, odorless, high work speed due to fast drying
of the paint, very high resistance and very long life.
• Latex paints prevent cracking over time as they are flexible. This feature makes the
paint stable in the long run.
• It is recommended to use this color for painting interior walls and ceilings as well as ceilings with old paintings. Other surfaces as plaster, wood, brick, cement and…
can be used for which this paint.
• The recommended time to wash this paint is about 2 weeks after painting.
• All water-based paints dry quickly after application, but the duration of deep drying
is 3 to 5 hours.


20 microns

Viscosity at 25 Celsius

121/4 Krebs

Gloss after 4 hours at an angle of 85 degrees

 37 %

Cover strength

98 square meters per liter


In accordance with ISIRI289 standard


In accordance with ISIRI289 standard

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