Semi-gloss paint based on polyurethane

  • Polyurethane paint (also called polyurethane) is a two-component product based on polyurethane resin and has a very short drying time.
  • Semi-gloss polyurethane paint is based on acrylic resin and isocyanate hardener, as well as surface-improving additives designed for the final layer. Suitable chemical and mechanical resistances in atmospheric conditions and under sunlight as well as acid rain are the advantages of this paint.
  • This paint is used as a final layer to cover the surfaces exposed to direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions due to its high resistance to moisture and excellent adhesion on a variety of surfaces and coatings.
  • Other properties of this paint include high resistance of this paint against scratches and abrasion led to the widespread use of this product in various industries.
  • This paint is one of the most common types of polyurethane in metal industries and industrial topics.


20 microns at Maximum level

Viscosity with DIN4 cup

80-100 seconds

surface drying time

A Maximum of 1/5 hours

time for drying completely

A Maximum of 16 hours


According to ISIRI5954 standard


According to ISIRI5954 standard

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