Ochre Epoxy polyamide primer

  • A two-part anti-corrosion primer is based on polyamide hardened epoxy resin and containing iron oxide pigment.
    • These coatings are used as a primer for steel surfaces due to its good corrosion resistance in humid environments and marine areas. iron oxide shows good resistance under partial and complete immersion in water because of the anti-corrosion pigment.
    • This product has high chemical resistance as well as high adhesion to metal surfaces and compatibility with various systems for subsequent layers such as epoxy and polyurethane in a variety of industries and is often repainted by surface coating for decorative or protective purposes. This primer also has the ability to harden completely, release all solvents and prevent from pigment migration to the water phase.
    • This liner is used to protect the inner and outer surfaces of water tanks, pipes, and water transfer connections.
    • Protecting metal structures that are exposed to corrosive conditions is another feature of iron oxide liner.
    • This group of primers and paints have properties such as abrasion resistance, resistance to chemicals, solvents, high adhesion strength, high hardness and good impactability.

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