Glossy surface panit based on polyurethane

  • Polyurethane paint is produced on the basis of polyurethane resin and is a two- part product.
  • Polyurethane paint has a high resistance to sunlight and acid rain.
  • Polyurethane surface paint is designed based on polyol acrylic resin and isocyanate hardener. Therefore, as a final layer, it can play an important role in protecting metal surfaces against atmospheric factors.
  • This paint is a good option for covering the final layer of surfaces, according to its high resistance to moisture and good adhesion on different surfaces.
  • This paint creates a film with high adhesion and hardness on metal surfaces. Therefore, it shows very good stability against climate change.
  • Glossy polyurethane surface paint, in addition to its high resistance to sunlight (UV) and chemical and mechanical materials, has color stability and gloss retention. Therefore, it can use as a final color on the middle layers of epoxy.
  • Other features of this paint include the high resistance against scratches and abrasions, impact, cracking and high flexibility of its film, which has led to the widespread use of this product in various industries.
  • Fast and complete cooking at room temperature is another prominent feature of this type.
  • Aliphatic polyurethane paints are more expensive than aromatics, so, they used for base paints, primers and interface coatings of the aromatic and epoxy-containing types. Conversely, aliphatics are used for the final coating.
  • This paint is one of the most common types of polyurethane in metal industries and industrial topics.

the polyurethane surface paint as a final layer can be used on metal structures, all types of equipment and facilities, factories, power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, off-water platforms, piers, bridges, agricultural implements. This product can also be used on the external surfaces of tanks, pipes for transporting materials, fuel and the automotive industry.


20 microns at Maximum level

Viscosity with DIN4 cup

80-100 seconds

surface drying time

A Maximum of 1/5 hours

time for drying completely

A Maximum of 16 hours


According to ISIRI5954 standard


According to ISIRI5954 standard

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